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Articles, Testimony, Speeches

03/15/05: Playing Chicken Roullette, by Bob Levy & Alan Gura

06/28/05: Testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform, Oversight Hearing on the District of Columbia’s Gun Laws, by Bob Levy

03/12/07: A Victory for Self-Defense, Washington Post, by Bob Levy

03/12/07: Symposium: Rearming: The D.C. Gun Ban Gets Overruled, National Review Online, by Randy Barnett, John Eastman, Cam Edwards, Alan Gura, David Kopel, John Lott, Nelson Lund, Clark Neily

03/14/07: Individual Ruling: DC Gun Ban Goes Down, National Review Online, by Bob Levy

04/03/07: Should Congress or the Courts Decide DC Gun Ban’s Fate? Washington DC Examiner, by Bob Levy


04/14/07: Restoring the Second Amendment, Jurist Hotline, by Alan Gura

04/16/07: Thanks to the Second Amendment, Legal Times, by Bob Levy

04/25/07: They Never Learn, commentary on the Virginia Tech shootings, The American Spectator, by Bob Levy

05/16/07: Consider What’s Next for the Second Amendment, The Hill, by Bob Levy

05/20/07: D.C.’s Gun Ban Struck Down in Court, Heads to Supreme Court, Cato Policy Report, May/June 2007, Bob Levy and Alan Gura

09/24/07: Loaded for the High Court, Legal Times, Sept. 24, 2007, Bob Levy 

10/2/07: Mukasey should declare where he stands on Second Amendment, The Hill, Oct. 2, 2007, Bob Levy