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Case Filings

Supreme CourtMerits Stage

Amici for Respondent

Amici for Petitioner

Petition Stage

Amici Curiae

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals

Merits Pleadings by the Parties in the D.C. Circuit:

Amicus Briefs for the Plaintiffs/Appellants:

Amicus Briefs for the Defendants/Appellees:

Motions Practice to Secure the Right to Appeal:

Defendants’ Motion to Stay the Case

District Court

Merits Pleadings


Motion to Dismiss:

Motion for Summary Judgment:

Standing Pleadings:

Amicus Briefs and Response:

Consolidation / Recusal / Disqualification Dispute

First Motion to Consolidate:

Second Motion to Consolidate:

Delays and Excuses

Defendants’ Failure to Meet Deadlines:

Amici Intervention: